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The rumors of my promiscuity have been greatly exaggerated.

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"Hey, it's Olive. Leave me a message and if it's interesting enough, I'll call you back. Bonus points if you make it rhyme."

Room 414 [Monday afternoon]
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So, being a graduate -- she had the piece of paper and everything -- was not nearly as exciting as Olive had anticipated. Granted, she hadn't really known what to expect, but lounging in her semi-packed dorm room and filling out paperwork for yet another dorm arrangement was somehow not it.

The paperwork, however, kept her mind off of the fact that she was leaving on Friday, and she'd been here for nearly a year, and she had no idea how to feel about...most of that. So it was easier, right now, to not really think about it, or she started getting into messy questions of how she'd miss people and things and what to do about her ties to the aforementioned.

So instead she'd just fill out this paper about whether she had any severe allergies. She was half-tempted to list a bunch of things she just plain didn't like and claim she'd get hives, but that could probably backfire. Probably.

[door and post open, requisite at-work-forever SP applies!]

Room 414 [Thursday afternoon]
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It was pretty cool, being able to do something normal like plan for college. Olive had gotten her acceptance to UCLA a few weeks prior, and while she hadn't been shocked, it hadn't been something she'd taken for granted, either. Then, things had taken kind of a...Fandom-ish turn, and she hadn't had much time to really sit and think about what the fall was going to be like.

Thursday afternoon, however, found her with a little time on her hands to poke at both the catalog for her courses, and the one for IKEA. Not that she necessarily didn't have to live at home, but she'd kind of gotten used to the freedom that dorm living afforded her. She lounged on her bed with Ally across her legs, alternating between putting together course lists and wondering whether she really wanted a lamp named Orgel Vreten. It sounded both complicated and formal, suddenly.

(The lamp part. School was always easy, really.)

[door and post open, though I'm on sporadic/SP mode!]

[ooc] this is like half an availability post, and half a post I never thought I'd write
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I've drafted this post like three times, and every single thing I come up with completely sucks. And I think it's mostly that I just plain don't want to write it, so everything is going to suck about it no matter what.

this ended up way more rambly than I meant it to, but that shouldn't shock anyone. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.Collapse )

So, if you didn't sift through all that tl;dr, here's the bottom line: I'm dropping my three on-island characters who aren't about to graduate (Po, Laurie, Jane), keeping the one who is about to graduate (Olive), and keeping my alumni/expatriates (Rory, Sookie, Dany.) And I'm super-upset to not be active in the game, but you will pry those alumni from my cold dead hands, so I'll still be around -- just in a way that fits my new schedule better, and doesn't leave other people hanging. (Or at least, doesn't leave me with the nagging sense that I'm constantly leaving people in the lurch.)

You guys are all awesome, and I never thought I'd write a post like this. I'm still on the Twitters and the emails and the Facebooks and the everything sporadically, so keep in touch. And now I'm gonna stop rambling so that I don't risk tears at my desk. (My coworker's out this morning so I figured I'd carpe diem while I had the nerve. Dumb idea on my part.)

Room 414 [Thursday morning]
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Olive didn't have any more classes until tomorrow morning, and while this was awesome and great prep for college and all, it was sort of...boring. Or at least it left her with a lot of time on her hands. And that was why she'd now completed three little sewing projects since last week, and was starting on another today.

Unfortunately, that wasn't going as well as it could, given that Ally wanted to play. So with every stitch, the puppy pressed her paw down over the fabric to get it to still. Eventually, Olive gave up and started bouncing a ball against the wall, letting Ally chase that instead, and not even caring when it occasionally bounced out the door and Ally went racing to bring it back.

Sewing could wait. Ally might actually grow up someday.

[open door and post!]

The Penderghast Home - Ojai, California [Wednesday afternoon]
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It was still only in the mid-fifties in Ojai, but Olive was still outside in the name of getting out of the house for a bit. Christmas had, of course, been excellent, but five straight days of running interference between her parents and her friends -- not that they needed it, but she was a little worried that their powers would somehow come up and then it would turn into endless interrogation -- was a little tiring. Graham had gone back to school earlier today, and Chip was inside putting together some insanely-complicated-looking model thingie. Her parents and friends were presumably around, somewhere (there was a mild fear at the back of her mind that her dad was going to corner Victor again, but she was pretty sure that one, at least, was inevitable) and Olive felt okay about taking a minute to just go outside and keep an eye on the dogs in the backyard as they played.

She stretched out on the picnic table her parents kept back here, though she couldn't remember the last time they'd used it, and split her attention between watching the dogs and her cell phone. Melody Bostick was, apparently, having a party tonight after all, and Olive was tasked now with the unpleasant job of telling Rhi to get her own date to it because she wasn't going. She was, however, pondering the logistics of grabbing Victor or Sia or both and throwing them in the car to go visit her spot overlooking the valley -- that sounded more her speed today, rather than drunken teenagers. At least, for now.

[open for calls/texts/the two who are there! and yes, i finally named olive's mystery older brother. there's a whole page on the internet of food names for kids, you guys, idek.]

A Mall on the Mainland [Monday afternoon]
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Sure, Christmas had been in the air since...well, let's face it, mid-October. But Olive had somehow, aside from her excursion on Black Friday, managed to avoid a lot of it, and was still in dire need of a few gifts. And more upsettingly -- there were people, with whom she associated, who had never seen Santa. (What. Sia, are you real life? What?)

So Monday afternoon found Olive, with her ragtag group of misfits in tow, hitting the mall for a little one-week-before-Christmas shopping. It was as packed as could be expected, with Bing Crosby's crooning over the sound system mixed with children's wails, and aggressive sales people trying to give you a bag to fill up in the store or spraying you with fragrances against your will.

Happy Holidays!

[OCD is going up! Totes open -- if you think Olive would have invited you, feel free to have tagged along!]

OOC: Holiday cards!
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I am a wee bit late this year, but since I never use my RL LJ anymore I figured I'd just do the card thing over here!

Leave your name and address if you'd like a holiday card from me this year! Comments are screened, naturally!

OOC: Availability Turkey Trot
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I'm that creative today, yes.

Anyway! I'm heading back up north for the holiday weekend, leaving tomorrow and coming home laaaaaateflakes Sunday night. Olive's out of town visiting her own family, Laurie's hibernating in her apartment and drinking wine, and Dany's...been Sir Not Appearing in This Game for awhile so her being offscreen is hardly a surprise. I might be able to check the flist occasionally on my phone, and my email is always accessible, but otherwise I shall be enjoying my internet break. :)

Don't burn the game down while I'm gone, omg.

Room 414 [Wednesday evening]
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Olive was maybe a little excited to be going home for Thanksgiving, yes. Sure, she'd just seen her parents last month, but...well, she'd never had to measure the time between seeing them in months before. It was weird. And while she loved her independence here, she also missed having someone else to feed her and do her laundry and force her to watch whatever movies Dad wanted.

Okay, so she missed her family. Whatever.

Right now, though, she was checking her portal reservation (still weird, guys. Still weird) and IMing with Rhi about some party on that Wednesday night. Apparently everyone would be there.

Olive's question was, of course, why no one had moved out of the area for college. Rhiannon hadn't replied except to say who cares, melody bostick caught her parents effing in the pool again so we can do jello shots in the jacuzzi!

That was the dream, all right.

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