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John Hughes did not direct my life.

The rumors of my promiscuity have been greatly exaggerated.

Olive Penderghast
6 November
External Services:
  • dirtiest_skank@livejournal.com

the harlot
name: Olive Penderghast
fandom: Easy A
age: 18
living arrangements: Room 414, with solarhippie.
class: 2013
email: dirtiestskank(at)gmail(dot)com
voicemail: 555-EASY
the tropes
Deadpan Snarker | The Beard | Cool Loser | Double Standard | Ear Worm | Kids Are Cruel | Knight in Sour Armor | Of Corsets Sexy |Really Gets Around | Slut Shaming | Urban Legend Love Life
the people

The Big Sib: Rilla Blythe
The Roommate: Karolina Dean
The Boyfriend: Victor Mancha
The Friends:
Jessica Drew
Marsie Fel
Jim Kirk
Atton Rand

the links

profile codes
being obnoxious, festive cards, giftcards, having awesome parents, loose morals, lying, ojai, pockets full of sunshine, rhiannon's big tits, rumors, spelling with peas, telling the truth, the scarlet letter